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In 2000, Professor Vijay Pande set up the Folding@home project to study the cause of cancers and other cell-based illnesses. He is studying how proteins are assembled and the effect that this has on the body. By that way he hopes to one day understand how the cell mutations that eventually lead to cancer ocurr, and develop a preventative therapy or a vaccine.

If you used only your computer, it would take an entire day to simulate just a nanosecond in the life of a folding protein. That's why they developed Folding@Home project, which uses thousands of thousands of computers and new generation consoles from across the world, adding up the speed an processing power of all those machines.

If you install Folding@home (also know as Folding at home), you'll help to investigate when your computer is not being used. In fact the power of the Folding@home project is nowadays bigger than all of the supercomputers in the world put together.

You will not notice than Folding Home is installed in your computer, but if you want to see it, you can see how the process is taking place and know how much you have helped. It's great, now you can help investigators to cure cancer even if do not know anything about computers or chemistry.
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Dementia and other side-effects derived from cognitive malfunctioning is a major field for medical investigation in our times. Especially when you take into account the alarming rates behind this kind of illness: over 44 million people around the world suffer from Alzheimer's Disease as well as other syndromes that are related to memory loss. We've already discussed distributed computation, a series of techniques that allows you to collaborate remotely and indirectly with major scientific research. While Sea Hero Quest appears to be just a humble and entertaining video game on Android, actually it's transforming your gaming activity into relevant data to help dementia research.
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Your smartphone could help in the fight against cancer

Distributed computing has been in practice for years now, and consists of temporarily allowing part of your PC’s processing capacity to be used in scientific investigations that require enormous mathematical calculations for simulations. Folding Home is an initiative from Stanford University that’s spent the past several years using computers from around the world to help with research on various diseases, and also offers the possibility of using your smartphone for that purpose thanks to a tool designed by Sony.
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